Join the Lab

Interested in joining the lab? The Chong lab is looking for postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduates to join!

Prospective Graduate Students
Students joining the Chong Lab will enter through the Zoology Graduate Program as either Ph.D. or Masters students. Interested students should have previous research experience and appropriate background in evolution and genetics. If you are interest in joining please contact me via email with the following information: a description of your previous research (if any) and your role in the project, any ideas on the topics or questions you would like to pursue in grad school, your career goals following a graduate degree, and a current CV.

Students can find more about the Zoology Graduate Program, the Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology graduate specialization, the Biology Department, and Graduate Division at UH Manoa. Students are also encouraged to apply for graduate fellowships (e.g. NSF, USDA).

Undergraduate Students
The lab encourages undergraduate to gain valuable research experiences by participating in current lab projects as well as pursuing their own independent research projects. Dr. Chong is happy to meet with students to discuss potential research opportunities. Please email directly to schedule a meeting.

Postdoctoral Researchers
The lab is looking for postdoctoral researchers to join the lab. Contact me directly to discuss potential project proposals for external postdoctoral funding (e.g. NSF, USDA).


Interested? Contact Becky Chong: rachong @