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The Chong lab is looking for graduate students and undergraduates! We’re also looking to work with postdocs interested in pursuing independent funding. If you are interested in joining the lab please contact Becky Chong. More info about Joining the Lab.

Current Chong Lab

PI: Becky Chong 
Assistant Professor
Office: Edmondson Hall 409
Phone: (808) 956-2512
E-mail: rachong (at)

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Mireille Steck
Lab Manager

Jordan Gossett
Graduate Student
Ph.D. student, Zoology Program
E-mail: jgossett (at)

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Stefan Cranston
Post-baccalaureate Researcher
B.S. Biology, UHM

Amir Van Gieson
Post-baccalaureate Researcher
B.S. Aquatic Biology, UC Santa Barbara

Cielo Carnate
Undergraduate Researcher
B.S. Biology, UHM

Joseph Romero
Undergraduate Researcher
B.S. Biology, UHM

Future Lab Member

Chong Lab Alumni

Mahealani Daniels 
Undergraduate Researcher, 2020-2022
B.S. Biology, Colorado College

Kristi Masuhara  
Undergraduate Researcher, 2021-2022
B.S. Biology, UHM 2021

Mikaelah Johnson-Griggs
Undergraduate Researcher, 2019-2020
B.S. Biology, UHM 2020

Elissa Ota
Undergraduate Researcher, 2018-2020
B.S. Biology Honors, UHM 2020

Emma Christensen  
Summer REU 2022
UC Merced

Rachael Dargan 
Summer REU 2022
St. Mary’s University

Andrew Dela Rosa
Summer REU 2019
Guam Community College