Welcome to the lab Jordan  (August 2019)
A warm welcome to Jordan Gossett who is starting her Ph.D. Fall 2019!


Welcome to the lab Drew  (May 2019)
We’re excited to welcome Andrew Dela Rosa from Guam Community College for a summer REU


New paper on Buchnera genome evolution in MBE  (April 2019)
Our paper on Genome evolution of the obligate symbiont of aphids (Buchnera aphidicola) is now out in MBE – see publications


Paper on mitochondria genome evolution in cicadas in J. Heredity  (December 2018)
A large collaborative paper looking at mitochondrial genome evolution across 100 cicadas in out in Journal of Heredity – see publications


Congrats to Elissa for her UROP funding  (November 2018)
Congrats to undergraduate researcher Elissa Ota for obtaining an Undergraduate Research Opportunity award to support her honors project. Time to collect some data!


Oxford annotated bibliography on “Endosymbiosis” now published  (September 2018)
A broad summary of important topics and papers (each with a short summary) related to Endosymbiosis is now available – see publications


Welcome to the lab Elissa  (February 2018)
We’re excited to welcome undergraduate researcher Elissa Ota to the lab!


Starting January 2018
The Chong lab is starting at the University of Hawaii in January 2018!
Interested in joining? Contact me at